Simplicity 8137 Finished Garment and Review

, the dress is done!  Looks great, I love it.  I had some initial concerns about using a cotton lawn because the drape isn’t good.  But I kinda wanted a floofy look to the bottom.  I got the fabric from  It’s a Robert Kaufmann print called London Calling.

I did make some changes to the pattern, that I already posted about, like adding some fabric to the front cross over section to raise the neckline a bit.  I also added a lining to the skirt.  This fabric is a little sheer and I like to wear full booty undies so I really didn’t want to have to think about my underwear choices when I throw this on.  The bodice is already lined for this pattern, I thought for the skirt it would look cool to add a layer of white cotton batiste under it.  I didn’t want the lining to be attached, more of a free floating layer under it.  I just cut the same skirt pieces in the lining but a few inches shorter.  I also added two more snaps so I would have some closures on both sides of the wrap instead of just one side.  I narrow hemmed all the raw edges on the skirt and French seamed the skirt panels together.


Inside Front



Inside back


Funny thing about the lining of the back bodice piece… I accidentally forgot to put the darts in and had a hell of a time figuring out why that was the only piece not lining up.  Also, please forgive my wobbly attachment on the lining to the skirt.  I tried to stitch in the ditch, and man it looks great on the outside, but I can acknowledge that the inside could use some work.

This is how it looks on.  Excuse the air dried messy hair.  It was hot and I was in no mood to screw around with a hair dryer.

I think if I go back and make this again, or any of the other views I will try a technique I saw on a YouTube video I saw.  It was Charles Kliebacker showing how to fix gaping on a low cut wrap or V-neck like this one.  I think it would be worth a try.


3 thoughts on “Simplicity 8137 Finished Garment and Review

  1. Bonnie! You are my first and only commenter and I left you hanging forever!! My humblest apologies. I really assumed I was the only person reading this. I promise I won’t be so lazy in the future. I really liked the dress and you are correct it really was comfortable. I think it was the cotton lawn. It ended up being a really nice choice for the heat and humidity we have in my neck of the woods.


  2. The overall outcome looks beautiful!! Btw so I see you decided not to use the tie end at all HAHA. That’s the very part that I need help on.


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