Pattern Haul!

Ok, so I know you are still waiting on that stupid skirt review.  Its done, honestly, it’s been done for a week now but its confession time…

I don’t really get to wear regular clothes very often.  See, I wear a set of mechanics coveralls to work every day.  Also, I work at midnight so I don’t have much reason to leave the house right now.  That will change when I have class again in January, but for now, I really only have reason to wear it out to dinner with my boyfriend and we have been out of town and are still recuperating.  As soon as I can I will wear it and have him take some pics.  Be warned… He may be the most reluctant photographer on the face of the planet and I will get three pictures out of him before he quits.  What we get is what we get.  Its even worse if he is hangry.  Sadly, I will be out of town again this weekend, so by the time I get another post up, I should have  few things to show you!

In the meantime, I took advantage of the Joann’s pattern sale.  I hit it up on the trifecta of sales day.  Butterick, Mcall’s, and Vogue!  I was specifically looking for a moto jacket pattern that I liked, and it was the only pattern that I didn’t find.  I wanted to trend toward fall, and I really wanted to get things that I have more of an opportunity to wear.  As I explained above, the majority of my clothes get work to run errands in and to go to classes.  I wear a lot of jeans and top combos.  I also love a cute jacket.  I live in Maryland and it is pretty mild in the winter, usually very mild until around January.  Jackets and sweaters are really convenient for getting through  till it gets really cold.  So, this is what I got…

Set # 1



So, the V8146 pattern really caught my eye, I love that swingy back it has although I could do without the bow.  I looked it up on Pattern Review and it didn’t have a lot of rave reviews.  I think I will have to put a lot of thought into fabric choice and make as many muslins as I need to in order to make it work.  It is too cute to not make it.  Everything else looks pretty easy and shouldn’t be a big deal to whip up.

Set #2



The top two patterns I chose for a reason.  I don’t always have reasons, but this time I do.  I have pinned a few things to Pinterest that have to do with interesting ways to cut the back yokes to make them really interesting also some fun takes on simple white button downs.  If you ever need to be inspired, try typing couture seam treatments into Pinterest, the rabbit hole is an amazing place to hang out in.

The bottom left B6031 is for underwear from my knit scraps, very boring.  The one on the right is for the t shirt.  I often struggle with finding knit top patterns that suit my need for having wide deep V shapes, that thing looks perfect!  I don’t want any modesty when I go to the grocery store in my t-shirt.  I’m getting older and all I have left to hang onto is the cute produce guy checking me out when I pick out my baby carrots.  I need this, don’t judge me!

Set #3



I like all of these coats, I want to make every single one of them.  I do not fear making coats.  I will have them!!




I almost blew right by these pants patterns because I really didn’t like the tops.  I have seen them before, but I really looked at the line drawings and whoa!!



Asymmetric zipper?  YES!  Look at the seam lines on the other ones!!!  Can you imagine all of the possibilities with that?  I can, and I am excited about it

So, that’s all for now, I hope that is satisfying enough since I am failing at skirt reviews.  I will succeed in time, just hold on for a little bit longer.



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