Pattern Review Sewing Bee 2017 and a New Robe



I have never entered a sewing contest before, but I thought I would give this one a try.  I don’t think I could have picked a worse contest to do for my first time, but I am a jump in with both feet kinda girl.  So, the Sewing Bee contest is 4 rounds, I am going at this with the assumption that I probably wont get much farther.  I held off on it until I could see what the first project would be.  I was hoping it wasn’t shorts or a damn toaster sweater or something, I’ve had enough of that for now.  When I found out it was a pencil skirt type of challenge I was all in.

Full disclosure, I have always wanted to be a pencil skirt wearing lady, my life as a mechanic has not been able to facilitate the necessity of that.  But I want one… I want one real bad.  I have periodically tried them on in the store, but the hip curve is always way off for me.  To get my ass to fit in a store bought pencil skirt, I have to get a large or an extra large and I have more of a medium size waist. It’s flat where it should curve or is curving where I am flat.  This seems like a good way to make a long standing dream of mine come true.  I am about to become a fancy pencil skirt wearing lady.

I sewed up a muslin and it fit pretty good, no tweaks needed other than a little shortening.  I cut out my fabric and I thought that this would be an awesome opportunity for some color blocking to fit in with my inspiration (theme is music or musician).  I also decided to add piping… which I have to make… I basted it tonight at work, because I have a lot of down time.

Progress pic here…

I finished my robe first, Vogue 9015 as promised and I did a real shit job on the finishing.  I had an excellent time with it the whole way through.  I thought my fabric would be a nightmare to sew with, some cheap poly satin from Joann’s, it was easy.  I thought attaching the sleeve lace would be tough, it wasn’t.  It was great from start to…almost finish.  I was supposed to finish the edge around the neck and front with self bias.  But I decided to save on time so I could start the aforementioned pencil skirt by narrow hemming the whole thing.  Well, I am an idiot.  That was dumb, tough to narrow hem things that go from straight grain to bias , to cross grain and so on.  Ugh, so, some of it is awesome, some of my neckline looks like a lettuce hem.  Whatever, it covers my naked body after a bath.  I’ll be less stupid the next time.


Not too bad, wobbly edges will have to do.


The print does give me life though.  How crazy is that!

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Pattern Review Sewing Bee 2017 and a New Robe

  1. I have applied bias trim over wonky edges, just so I didn’t have to look at them, so you consider that, whether in matching or contrasting color/fabric. Insider the original stitches “stablizers”…and best wishes on your pencil skirt!


  2. Thank you so much for commenting, I don’t get much feedback so this was nice to see in my inbox! I think I will go back and add the bias after this contest craziness is over. Probably a wider strip than called for would be more robe-like and aesthetically pleasing to me. Thanks again for the feedback.


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