I Made It!!!!

This is a quick post just to let anyone who cares know that I made it through to round 2 of the PR Sewing Bee!  I am going to have to get busy on the next challenge which is to make something with a fabulous sleeve.

I was lounging around in the bathtub this morning enjoying my bedtime routine (remember, I sleep during the day like a vampire), when I saw the post for the next challenge.  I immediately threw “couture sleeve detail” into Pinterest and started a board for sleeves.  As I was pinning away at anything and everything that caught my attention an idea started to form.  I managed so smash together ideas from four different sleeves into one.  This will involve some grommets, some ribbons, some large beads and silver chains as well as some floofy inset fabric that has yet to be determined.

I leapt out of the tub to grab my little design notebook (thanks Mom!) and quickly sketched out my idea, then had a quick rummage through my pattern stash to find the most appropriate pattern.  Then I remembered that I had a very special piece of fabric.  See, in June I flew out to Michigan to help my mom out after a surgery and while she was recovering and miserable, I raided her fabric stash and in her pain induced haze I made off with 5 1/2 yards of pure silk boucle… Am I proud?  No.  I figure I should honor her silken sacrifice with a fantastical jacket.  She is my number one fan and has already forgiven me for my transgression against her fabric stash.

Anyway, I am probably going to be really busy with this thing for the next week, especially since I have absolutely no clue how I will turn my vision into a real live garment.  I have some ideas, but I think this will be a lot of trial and error to get just the right effect.  Wish me luck!

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