Disappointment and Excitement

Where do I begin.  I was working on a shirt, I believe I mentioned that in my last post which was some time ago.  I started off good, took my time, made all my markings, cut carefully and all that.  Then immediately cut a hole in the fabric on accident.  I told you guys about that, but I pressed on!  Got to the hidden button placket and that’s really when the wheels started to come off.  I followed the instructions, checked, double checked and it just didn’t come out right.  It was all wrong, but wrong in a way that I couldn’t figure out.  I stared at this thing for hours trying to figure out where I had gone wrong.  So I unpicked, started over and followed the instructions again.  Same problem.  There was no way that this was right.  I don’t even know how to properly explain how I got there, unpicked again, abandoned the instructions and tried to do it how I thought it should go.  I got a little closer, but now the actual placket was backward and the fly was ok.  unpicked, and sewed it on the other way, much better, but still not going to work!  I wish I had taken pictures of this mess, at this point I had unpicked it so many times that the fabric was falling apart.  It was unsalvageable.  This was my second fail in a row and I was feeling really shitty about it.  I was low, real low.  To top it off, it was my birthday when I finally gave up.  So I did what any sad sewist would do….

(I would also like to apologize to anyone who was dying to see the end result.  That should technically be no one, but just in case I have any secret fans!)

I went out and bought a serger!  I feel so much better now!  Fuck that shirt!  I have a new Babylock Evolution to screw around with!  I can screw up my clothes so much faster now!  I am in love with it already.  I can do a video on some of the features that I love about it if anyone cares to see it.  Happy birthday to me!

The sad memories of my failed shirt are quickly fading away as I work on my new cardigan.  Review of that will be up very soon because my fancy new machine is making quick work of it.  I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow because I am going out of town this weekend.  Its looking pretty cool already and I am very happy with how easy the serger is to use.  I was up and running as soon as it was out of the box.  I took an evening to play around with it to see what it could do and then got to work.


Not traditional sweater fabric, but I think it will look cool.

Also, I bought the serger from a store in Richmond, VA.  I travel there once a month to do my drill weekends, so it was technically the most convenient place to get it since I am there often, although it is the farthest store away from me.  Richmond also has a little tiny fabric store called  Couture by LK Design.  This is expensive stuff guys.  I was feeling self indulgent so I made my way over after I bought the serger.  I will post up another video of what I bought from there.  They have things I have never seen before, it truly is an amazing little gem.  If anyone is ever in the area, I highly recommend popping in to have a look.

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