Redemption! Mcall’s 6996 Review

Finally a win.  This is what I have been waiting for.  I don’t want to say I owe it all to my new serger, but it certainly was useful and it got things done a lot faster and neater.  I have been telling you of my failures for weeks now, and I felt like I was due for a win and I may have made things easy for myself by choosing a very simple to make pattern, I don’t think that’s cheating, I think its just what I needed.  I decided on Mcall’s 6996, view D, size 12.  I made no alterations although I probably should have, it still looks great, it just doesn’t look exactly like the pics on the pattern envelope.

This was pretty straight forward, nothing trick or complicated going on here.  I used my serger for almost all of it.  I used my regular machine to sew the stay tape into the ruching on the back of the neck band.  The fabric was from Fabric Mart, it is a 100% poly jacquard knit, I took a close up of the texture.  I don’t know if it really is a jacquard, it has a crepe like texture to it.  But its bright and bold and graphic and ended up being perfect for a weekend wandering around DC in 60 degree weather.  I didn’t end up using the belt although I did make it, I just didn’t wear it.  Here are some pics before we took off on our trip.

When I make this again, and I will, I will probably use the pivot and slide method to add in some ease at the bust waist and hip.  This fits perfect in the shoulders, but I really should have done my usual pattern alterations to get it to fit the way it does in the model pictures.  However, I do like that this looks more like a loose jacket than a wrap up sweater.  So, I am super happy with it, but if I make it again in a sweater knit, I will definitely want it to be more of a cozy look.

Looking at the pictures, I am thinking I may need to make a sway back adjustment.  What do you guys think?  This pooling is a common problem for me, although it is one I don’t notice until I see it in pictures.  Is this a big deal or not?

Now since I made this, you all know that I couldn’t make it without at least one mistake in it right?  So I took the pictures on my dress form to show you where it was.  I am hoping its not as noticeable to everyone else as it is to me…

I don’t know how this happened, I think I wasn’t paying much attention or I am getting used to the differential feed on the serger or whatever.  Its as close to perfect as I am going to get I think…

Oh well, on to the next project.  I think I will stop saying what I am going to do since I seem to wreck everything I plan out.

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