Mcall’s 7538 Top Review

I am loving my new serger, and I want to make all of the knit things!  I busted out this top because I already made the dress view in the summer and it worked out really nicely.  I don’t think that dress has been on this blog, but I did do a review on Pattern Review for it.

I love the options to color block with this pattern.  I went for view A, but did the color blocking from view C.  I used a knit that is very similar in feel to the pink knit I used in my last review.  I got this in one of the Fabric Mart mystery bundles and as usual, just like the pink one, it was very easy to sew and work with and the print is bold and graphic, I love it.  I used a plain black ponte for the center panels, I was going for an optical illusion type of deal, it looks like a corset when I wear it!





Back… I think… they look exactly the same!





I apologize for the lack of real live human pictures, but my camera man was sleeping and I did not go out anywhere fun enough to wear this top.  We basically stayed in and watched Stranger Things in our PJs, which makes for a great weekend, but not great for showing off new tops.  I will probably toss a video up with me wearing it soon.

I don’t know if you noticed in the pics, but it is very difficult to tell which side is the front and which is the back.  I numbered the pieces on the back with washable marker when I cut them out so I know which is which right now, but I am glad I thought to sew a few red cross stitches in the neckline of the back so I know how to put it on after it comes out of the laundry!

Full disclaimer… any pattern matching or cool placement, or bad placement was unintentional, I didn’t bother with it at all.

I love how it turned out, I will say that its a little tight, and a little low cut, but that just means its a date night top, not a grocery store top, right?

Next up…

I already have a pair of Ginger Jeans cut out and waiting for me.  I have been working on doing some rainbow colored sashiko stitching on the back pockets while I have down time at work.  I have had some appointments this week that have filled up my free time so I haven’t been in my sewing room for a few days.  Its killing me!!!!

What are you guys sewing up next?

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