Unintentional Sewing Break

So guys, I haven’t posted for a while.  The last thing I made was a pair of Ginger jeans from Closet Case Patterns.  They turned out great as I expected them to, so that was good.  I will get some pictures of them soon, I hand embroidered the pockets, tried my hand at some sashiko stitching, I am not sure if I did it right, but for my first try, I think it went well, there is only one little mistake that will only bother you OCD types!

I love the this pattern.  The fit is really great for my body, I only have to grade from waist out one size to the hip, nothing else needs fixing.  It is one of my very few TNT patterns and one of my most worn patterns.  I don’t even struggle with the fly, but the waistband kills me every time.  I manage to have to rip out stitches at least three times per waistband.  Its got nothing to do with the pattern, its just me being an idiot and doing dumb things.  This time, I didn’t quite catch it in the top stitching in a few parts.  Now, I had already ripped out my top stitching once because it looked like shit, the second go round it was perfection… until I looked inside.  Ugh, so I said fuck it and catch stitched it down by hand.  Only time will tell if that was a good idea or not.

I finished those jeans on November 5th.  It is now November 13th.  I have sewed nothing in between!  I haven’t even been in my sewing room, it is killing me!!!!  Here’s the thing, I had about a million appointments scheduled the week after I finished and appointments during the afternoon when you work midnights are a special kind of hell.  I had no time to do anything, and I get so wiped out when my schedule changes like that.  I have to be very strict about my sleeping and waking times because its really easy to further disrupt your sleep cycle when it is already messed up from working through the night.  But life has to happen right?  So, I cram all my disruptions into one week and call the whole thing a loss and move on when its over and I can get back to normal.

Except that I couldn’t because my mom was coming out for a visit and I had to prepare for that the next week instead of doing some fun sewing stuff like I wanted to.  But that’s ok, the sacrifice of my sewing time to make sure my mom has clean sheets and a sparkling toilet to use were worth it because I really enjoy spending time with her, even if she is a crazy person.  She likes to sew too and she is my number one fan so its always nice to have that kind of a cheerleader around.  One day I hope I can be the person she thinks I am.

At any rate, she is back home now and I have my time to myself again at least for this week.  I already got some patterns prepped and hopefully I can get them cut out tomorrow before work.  However, I am currently battling a pretty nasty chest cold so I am taking it as slowly as I need to.  Hopefully I can at least throw some progress posts up, nothing too exciting, mostly loungewear test garments.  If they fit nice and look cool, I may make them up in some “going out” type of fabrics.

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