Thanksgiving Sewing Extravaganza!


I feel like I accomplished a lot of sewing even though I also accomplished a lot of laying around binge watching shows.  I really enjoyed having all of my fabric cut out, ready and waiting for me to just sit down and sew it up.  The only part about that prep that bothered me a little was that by the time I got to project number four (the sweatpants), I was wanting to switch gears a little.  I really hate starting something and not finishing it.  Finishing a project could mean deciding I hate it halfway through and stuffing it in my Rubbermaid of shame, but I would still mentally be finished with it.  A cut out and untouched project that I just am not excited about is unfinished to me so I pushed forward with it, but it still needs work.

This is what I did finish…

McCall’s -This went really well, it sewed up easily, I added some width in the hip to allow me to close the cardigan.  I didn’t do this very precisely, I just drew a 1 inch dot away from the notch at the hip and smoothed it out with my curved ruler.  I also decided to leave off the button.  The only other thing I did differently from the instruction was to coverstitch the hem and also the band that goes around the neckline.  I can’t remember why I made that decision, but the stitches sink into the fabric on the outside and on the inside it looks a little cleaner.  I used a shimmer knit that I got from Fabric Mart.  It was a while ago, and I cant remember exactly what it was called.  It has a shimmery gold coating on it that gave me anxiety every time I got the iron near it.  My anxiety was all in vain, it didn’t hurt it at all, I just made sure to use the polyester setting and all was well.  I wore this to Thanksgiving dinner at a friends house and I thought it looked very holiday/seasonally appropriate and it was very comfy.  The only bone I have to pick is that the fabric makes noise when it moves, kinda like a crispy rustling sound.  I still love it.  The pics I took were after the fact and please ignore my turtleneck, I promise this is not how I styled this sweater when I wore it out!

McCall’s 7407 Top-This also turned out great, although the fabric had an unexpected effect where it looked like a grayish silver armor instead of black with silver sparkles.  I’m cool with it, but it will be used in moderation because it is quite an eyeful.  I would style it with more dressy pants not the light denim in the picture.  I had no trouble with this pattern, it sewed up easily, required no alterations, and I was very happy with it.  The next time I make it, I will probably scoop the neck a little bit because I prefer to show a little more skin there, and I could try to eliminate the center front seam, but now that I have thought a little more on that, I don’t think there is a fabric in the world that is wide enough for me to make that work.  These pattern pieces were huge!

Sorry about the extreme face close up, no one but my boyfriend should be this close to my face, but I really needed you guys to know that I was not actually wearing pewter body armor, it is black and silver fabric! I swear it!  See?  See?!?!?!

Butterick 6427 Top-I was not happy with this, and I have no picture of it, although I do have a YouTube video up that shows me waving it around, I will insert that video I lieu of pics, you don’t have to watch the whole thing, the top makes its embarrassing appearance at the 4:45 minute mark.  This make was always meant to be a lounge/pajama top, so its not too disappointing, but this was also meant to be a test run for a cool fabric that I got and I just didn’t feel like it would work for that.  Also, for such a simple pattern, it would require a lot more fussing around to get it to work than I am interested in doing.  There are tons of knit tops that require less work to get the same result.  But… if I were to fix it to my liking, I would probably lengthen it significantly, as it stands right now its a crop top.  The splits in the side seams go well above my bra line if I raise my arms up.  So, it will be a nice lounging around the house top in the summer with all that side ventilation!  The fabric is soft too, so that’s a plus.  Also I screwed up the neckline.  I should have practiced it first before I just went for it.  It is a sad little V-neck that isn’t actually a V.  I failed this shirt as much as it failed me.

Simplicity 2061 Joggers-I am technically still in work on these. While they are coming together ok, I am having a huge fit issue in the back waist booty area.  I thought all of my problems would be caused by the complete lack of stretch in my sweatshirt fabric, but I was diligent about double checking the finished measurements to ensure I wouldn’t really need the stretch so that part is fine.  Turns out that there isn’t enough elastic in the world to solve a 4 inch gap in the back, also I should have done something like a full seat adjustment because the fullness of my ass is causing the top of the pants to pull down in the back.  I may take a wedge out (a huge wedge) and make them low rise all around. and refit the waistband to whatever size it ends up being, but I haven’t had the chance to get to them now that Thanksgiving is over.  So pics to come when they are finished.

That is what I got up to on my holiday, how was yours?  Is this a holiday that provides you with tons of free sewing time, or is this a holiday that leaves you with a boatload of extra shit to do and people to take care of?  I am always curious about that stuff, so let me know!

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