I Have Sewjo, It’s Just Bad Sewjo…

Ok, here it is.  I have been sewing, I actually have more time now that I got my sleeping schedule worked out.  I just have hated everything I’ve made so far.  I make it halfway through a project and decided I hate it.  As soon as I actually put real clothes on again, I will have pictures taken of the long awaited skirt, and I also made a new top.  As I believe I explained earlier, I wear a uniform to work and loungewear around the house prior to work.  My weekend was happily spent binge watching Netflix.  I believe I will at least try to get myself out to dinner next weekend.

Anyway,  I tried to make a dress and I just hated the fabric, hated the construction, hated how the style ended up and I stuffed it in the bin for things that went hopelessly wrong.  Then I had a good lay down on the sewing room floor and thought about some things.  Why have my past few makes not had me super excited.  Why am I choosing these things to make when I don’t think they will bring me happiness?  So, while I get my shit together I have decided to replace my one and only piece of sleepwear.  I still love the act of sewing, and makers gonna make, so I may as well make something with no pressure involved.  I am thinking part of my problem is that I know the weather will be changing soon and I am over summer sewing.  The reality is that it will probably stay warm out here well into October, so I am hesitating about starting fall even though my heart is screaming about sewing crispy button up shirts and sweaters.  Had a chat with mom about this and she said to just sew what I like and eventually fall will come and I will be ready.  She is right.  In the meantime, Vogue 9015 and Butterick 6031 will be up on deck.


I want to make this B6031 view C sleeping slip?  Also the underwear,  if the undies work out, it would be a great way to use my knit scraps.  The short robe and the slips in view E and view C on the Vogue pattern are also going to happen.  When I visited my mom and raided her stash back in June she let me run off with a piece of silk charmeuse that  felt like the most luxurious thing I’ve ever touched.  The colorway isn’t really my jam though, I thought it would make a beautiful nightgown that would feel amazing.  I spend a solid 8 hours a day in bed, I may as well feel like angels are brushing their wings against me while I dream.  I also have a floral peach skin I got from Joann’s to test the fit out.  A wearable muslin if you will.  I have some poly satin to make the robe from and that’s about it.  I will provide all pics from my finished makes on the dressform, I am not nearly bold enough to have boudoir photography posted on the internet.  So, this is coming, hopefully soon, and hopefully by the time I finish there will be a cool breeze giving me the ok to do some fall sewing.


I guess you can see the shirt I made while you wait for me to get my life together… It is Butterick 5889 View C.  Split sleeve, very blousy, super loose fit tunic top.  I made it from a rayon challis that I got in a mystery bundle from Fabric Mart.


It isn’t really my favorite print, but I thought it would make a good wearable muslin and it did.  I also made a more cropped length.  When it came time to hem it I just started folding it up and it actually looked better shorter.  What I didn’t realize was how far into my shirt you can see if I raise my arms.  I guess you could call it the lower armscye area?  Anyway, you can see straight though to my knockers.  Whatever, it’s comfy enough to go on a long car trip, felt like I was wearing nothing at all!  The pictures are terrible, as usual.

I would normally have been asleep by then, and had to drive for 2+ hours to get to my drill site.  I wasn’t feeling or looking particularly lovely or put together.  It was an easy make for times when you need something to just cover your body.

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